Explantation of the abdominal stent graft

ESVS Academy session
08 October 2020 17:00 - 18:00

This workshop is aimed of a proficient level.

This workshop is dedicated to physicians who wish to learn how to manage EVAR total / partial extraction in a context of endoleaks / thrombosis / infections.

Learning objectives:

Surgical techniques will be detailed regarding :

  • Vascular approach (laparotomy / retroperitoneal)
  • Aortic cross clamping (endoclamping with aortic balloon, supra coeliac aortic cross clamping) renal / visceral artery protection
  • Techniques of stentgraft extraction (infrarenal / suprarenal / FEVAR)
  • Which material to restore the aorta

Management of infected patients

Overview of EVAR failures, lessons learned from explanted stentgraft

Pre-learning will be sent to registrants ahead of the online session.

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