Endovascular and hybrid options in vascular trauma and visceral bleeding

Virtual Room 2

ESVS Academy session
06 October 2020 20:00 - 21:00

This Academy session is aimed at participants of a competent to proficient level.

This session will feature both ESVS and EVTM talks on the following :

1         Implementing your trauma protocols in the modern hybrid vascular environment - Pirkka Vikatmaa, Helsinki, Finland

-          team training

-          practical issues towards CT/hybrid/RAPTOR

-          how to think and utilise hybrid?


2         REBOA as an endovascular trauma management tool - Tal Hörer, Örebro Sweden

-          partial vs total and other advanced methods

-          visceral ischaemia in total vs low flow occlusion


3         Endovascular Management of blunt thoracic aorta trauma: when and how to treat– Vincent Riambau, Barcelona, Spain

-          Indications and timing

-          practical tips and tricks


4         Visceral bleeding, endovascular treatment, Anna Maria Ierardi, Milan, Italy

-          how to get there

-          different embolization agents

-          practical tips and tricks


5         Shunts and other endo and hybrid solutions for vascular trauma in austerne environments., Viktor Reva, StPetersburg, Russia

-          temporary endovascular shunting

-          REBOA on the field


We aim to discuss, share and learn on endovascular and hybrid methods for bleeding control in trauma.  The workshop is aimed at moderate to highly trained physicians and by that sharing up to date and state of the art bleeding control methods in trauma, using endovascular and hybrid solutions.  The objectives are to discuss and share: What are the possibilities, what can be done and how, how to measure and do selected bleeding control methods. What are the indications and how to select patients.


We recommended participants familiarise themselves with the following literature ahead of the session.


Top Stent manual , Örebro university Hospital, Sweden.


EVTM endoVascular resuscitation and Trauma Management textbook, Springer 2019.


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06 October 2020 20:00 - 20:00