AV Access Surgery. Basic

Virtual Room 1

ESVS Academy session
01 October 2020 20:00 - 21:00

This workshop is of a basic to competent level.

The use of arteriovenous fistula has been related to improved survival and lower rate of complications in patients undergoing hemodialysis. In spite of sometimes being described as a simple surgery, AV access surgery can be a very delicate operation where more and more details should be followed up, in order to achieve access patency and maturation.

In this course there will be a deep review of general recommendations and published evidence, but also very useful tips and tricks. Discussion with participants will also be held, that will enable attendees to properly plan an AV access surgery, decide the best options to treat access complications and provide our patients the best possible access to receive hemodialysis.



Learning objectives:

- To perform an AV access indication based on physical exam and complementary examinations

- To know different AV access possibilities, and their pros and cons

- To know how to treat complications while performing AV access surgery

- To be able to check AV access patency and probability of access maturation after AV fistula creation  


Pre-learning will be sent to registrants ahead of the online session.


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